Kingdom Hearts III: What is Rage Form?

This report clarifies what Kingdom Hearts III’s Rage Form is while enjoying Kingdom Hearts III you may have come across a Rage Form — Type Change Control.

What’s the Rage Form of Kingdom Hearts III?

Rage Form is a form change in Kingdom Hearts III that you can access. The form Is Basically the same as the Anti Form of Sora in Kingdom Hearts II.

For those not aware, Anti Form is the form Sora takes when he unleashes his Heartless powers and use the Darkness still inside him. It was introduced in the second game and used both Donald and Goofy as well as sucking up all the Drive Bars.

How to get Kingdom Hearts III’s Rage Form?

Just like Anti Form, Rage Form can’t be purposely activated. Although Anti Form was completely random when it would pop up, Rage Form often shows up as a prompt when you’re low on HP with a finished up MP Gauge. On your last legs if you may.

Rage Form can be accessed no matter what Keyblade you have equipped, you just need to have the proper conditions fulfilled.

Rage Form Abilities

Rage Form is super powerful granting Sora higher agility and strength. The form also comes with an ability called Risktaker, that halves your HP with each use but grants high damage. Using Risktaker frequently and going down to 1HP also allows you to unleash a super powerful “Finish” command that damages all the enemies around you.

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