Dragon Quest XI Guide: How To Find And Craft Recipes


Plans are utilized for the produce smaller than expected game and it can assist you with creating some clever apparatus right off the bat in the game. They are not found effectively in the event that you tend to overlook investigating encompassing areas.

Plans will be consequently added to the fashion menu for creating once you have discovered them. You can attempt to get them at the earliest opportunity with the goal that you will profit by the gear redesigns and set aside some cash and the issue of getting them from the shop.


How To Find Recipes In Dragon Quest XI

You can find recipes in Dragon Quest XI through a variety of different ways. The first and most common way is to check for a red book in a bookshelf during your visit to each town. These red books will often contain bits and pieces of lore about the area but most can also offer you recipes that you can unlock for forging equipment.

How To Craft Recipes In Dragon Quest XI


Once you have unlocked recipes for crafting, you will have to find a campsite to access the forge menu. You can get the recipes for new equipment in each particular category this way e.g. steel swords and armor upgrades. To find the materials for the recipes, make sure to unlock and discover each shiny spot on the map and then once you have done it for a particular area, all the materials that are available in that shiny spot will be easily seen on the map and you can then grind for them as needed by the recipe.

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