Dragon Quest XI: Important Tips And Tricks Before Starting The Game


Winged serpent Quest XI will dispatch today for the PS4 and PC. It is an entirely long JRPG that will take a lot of your time and in the event that you don’t generally keep your character level up for the given circumstance, it is conceivable to wind up in a circumstance where you are stuck in a supervisor battle.

This article covers some significant hints and deceives that will help you in your voyage over the perfect universe of Dragon Quest XI.


  • Make sure to redeem your DLC items if you have downloaded them. Look at the guide here for details.
  • Keep an eye out on the equipment description. Some of them will give you MP or HP each turn. DLC items offer this early in the game but later you can get weapons or armor with similar ability as well.
  • Focus your skill points on a single weapon category first. It is best to master all the important moves before you can move on to a different weapon category for a character.
  • Try to avoid leveling up early in the game and focus more on the story. Once you reach Gallopolis, there is a great point to grind for more level up. Read the guide to find out more details.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for shiny spots on the map. They are extremely important for gathering materials that can come handy when forging new equipment.
  • Don’t rush and buy new equipment from each town that you visit. Wait and find recipes first that will get you better-forged weapons or armor and will be cheaper overall.
  • When forging, try to create low-level equipment to get perfectionist pearls. Keep an eye out for the materials needed as well.
  • Once you have cleared a dungeon, use the evac command to escape it without having to fight your way back to the entrance.
  • Feel free to use the zoom spell to fast travel even when you get a boat since it is quicker this way.
  • Don’t try to grind with normal enemies since they won’t give much experience points. Wait for your encounter with metal slimes and their king variants first.
  • Explore as much of the map as you can, treasures can be hidden all over the area and won’t show on the world map.
  • Feel free to spend skill points without worrying about being stuck since you can restore them all through a church.
  • Keep closer to a camp site to get free health recovery and also access forge option. You can also talk to the camp owner to usually get items if needed.
  • Avoid using healing items once you unlock the ability to heal with the main hero. This will help you conserve some of the important health items for tougher battles.
  • Always be on the lookout for shiny enemies since they can act as mounts and let you access areas which are not possible to reach through normal means.
  • Grinding with auto battle and classic camera is faster and will help you level up quickly. Make sure to use manual control when you encounter a metal slime or other rare enemies that can run away.
  • You can tweak the tactics of you party members so feel free to do so. Keeping them on fight wisely is recommended since it will help conserve MP for them as well.
  • Keep pep powers turned off when fighting automatically since they can be wasted and the buff will be quickly depleted.
  • In each town or new location, make sure to search every room for a bookshelf containing a red book or closets that you can open to find items or recipes.
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