Sonic Mania: How To Use Cheat Codes, Level Select, Debug Mode And Unlock Knuckles


Sonic Mania is one of the more conventional game in that feeling that not just it sports a retro craftsmanship style with ongoing interaction attached to the exemplary games, it likewise includes cheat codes that can be utilized to open a few highlights in the genuine game.

The cheats utilize the conventional old fashioned technique for utilizing the controller contributions to open a few highlights. They can be entered in an alternate manner relying upon your foundation of decision and you can discover every one of the means recorded for them isolated by the stage.

How To Enable Debug Mode

You can enable the Debug Mode by pressing Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), X (Switch) on the ‘No Save’ icon and then the jump buttons on the controller to rotate through the options.


How To Use Level Select Cheat In Sonic Mania

Level Select is available as a cheat code in Sonic Mania and it can be performed by heading into the Mania Mode and then keeping the cursor at the ‘No Save’ icon. You will have to input the following cheats using the controller.


You will need to enable Debug Mode first and then hover at the ‘No Save’ icon and press the Options button along with Triangle and Square to get the Level Select.


Go back to the classic main title screen with Sonic and the game logo and then press ‘Y+B’ to gain access to level select.

Xbox One

No Level Select has been discovered for it yet. We will update the article once a trick is found for it.

Using these cheats, you can also unlock modes like the Knuckles and Knuckles mode, which pairs Knuckle with every character including Knuckles himself. You can also unlock some new moves like the Drop Dash which is performed by holding up and then performing a jump. You can perform the Sonic 3 and Knuckles insta-shield move by pressing up in the air.

Sonic Mania is available now for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can read our review of the game from here.


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