For Honor Guide: How To Level Up Fast And Get Better Gear


While playing For Honor’s activity stuffed multiplayer, you may have seen that players make them astound gear. You may have likewise observed a couple of numbers beside the player’s name. These number can give you a thought of how great the player and his apparatus is in the game.

In For Honor, the main number by the username shows the player’s level, while the number alongside that shows the Gear level. Something else to see is the theme around one of the numbers. The example shows the player’s Reputation level. At the point when a player arrives at level 20, their level resets and they get an example around the number. This implies the player is Reputation Level 1.


How To Get Better Gear In For Honor:

If you are a player who wants to get better gear, then you should focus on increasing your Reputation level. As your Reputation level increases, so does the chance of you getting better gear.


As you level up, you get some Packs. These packs come in different kinds as you can get the Basic Pack, Armor Pack, Weapon Pack, and Premium Pack. You can open these packs and get some rare gear, however, if you want top tier gear, then you should save the packs for later, as you get rarer gear at high reputation levels.


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