Rumor: GameStop’s Latest Listings Suggest a January Nintendo Direct


That is speculation according to Twitter consumer YuyuKamii mentioning a range of mysterious SKUs are inserted to GameStop’s system. What makes this rumor believable is a few important things.

First and foremost, it does not contain anything hype worthy. Where records may list things such as F-Zero Change or Splatoon 3, it is just a bunch of items recorded as Accessible SKU. From that point, a lot of different things are suggest this is going to occur beyond the listings that are new.

The largest is the lack of data surrounding the fifth and final Super Smash Bros.. Personality is passed by ultimate fighter. The official record states all characters will launch by Feb. 2020, therefore whomever it ends up being has to be disclosed and released sometime this month. At the moment the rumor that this will probably be Phoenix Wright and Joker will get a Kasumi. Before anyone says this is improbable, not only contains Phoenix not been confirmed as false, he was working in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and has a bit of a following on Nintendo platforms.


In addition to Smash needing to be revealed in some capacity, we have a mysterious Splatoon tweet. What makes it mysterious is a couple things. The 2020 message is reflected as SOS (Save Our Ship), along with the icon for a fallen player in Salmon Run. Not only that, some keen players noticed that the SOS actually says Save Our Salmons. You can make out the remaining letters as part of the waves, a nice touch that seemingly has to mean something.

Some other hints include datamind content for Marvel Ultimate Alliance and supposedly Switch version 10 is set to release sometime next week or at least month. Recently we’ve also gotten some hints and information about Bayonetta 3, possibly leading to new information. Doing it now would also set Nintendo up to do a wide variety of reveals, giving us an idea of what 2020 has to offer, with E3 being the perfect time to do a follow up.


While this is a lot of speculation and it’s possible the Nintendo Direct could happen with most of these things being wrong, we’re past due for one and should get one in the foreseeable future regardless.

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