Etherborn launches this Spring for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


FoxNext Games and Humble Bundle Declared today that Etherborn, a gravity-puzzle genre, will Start for PS4, Xbox One, Change, and PC this Spring.

Etherborn is a navigation established mystery depending on the special sense of gravity. Players are expected to travel through sceneries where every level is an puzzle that so as to decode the way 35, change, manipulate and they will need to explore their gravity.

Here’s an overview of the sport Altered Matter:


Etherborn is a tasteful jump in the gravity-puzzle genre; an ecological mystery platformer built on researching and understanding gravity-shifting structures.

You’re a being that has been born into a universe. As your ideas emerge, you realize that the trip has only started. You have to achieve this ethereal voice to comprehend your existence.


Within this world, the laws of physics act in a means that will flex your creativity. You encounter gravity vertical to the surface you’re currently working on, allowing in surroundings crafted as puzzles.

Traveling through exotic and beautiful sceneries where every level is an puzzle that manipulate, you have to research and change your gravity in order to decode the way.

Etherborn will soon be available in these languages: English (text and audio ), Spanish (text and audio ), Catalan (text and audio ), French (text), German (text), Italian (text), Russian (text), Simplified Chinese (text), Japanese (text), and Korean (text)


Key Features

  • Gravity-shifting platforming and exploration
  • Navigation based puzzles based on your unique sense of gravity
  • Surreal levels in an atmosphere inspired by artists of the 20th-21st centuries
  • Dynamic and captivating original soundtrack tailored to each level
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