Magic Scroll Tactics launches October 25 for Switch


After its Introduction on PC Through Steam in April, Magic Scroll Techniques will Eventually make its way to Nintendo Switch Through the Nintendo eShop on October 25 for $11.99.

The version will support languages like English, Japanese, and Chinese. For lovers of the SRPG genre also have not played with the game to the PC through Steam, Magic Scrolls Tactics is.

Using a plethora such as profiled ones such as the Valkyria it is difficult to observe such games. Give them a try- .

Here’s an overview of the game through Steam:

Side-Scrolling Tactical Action

Magic Scroll Tactics is a side-scrolling, turn-based strategic RPG where altitude is the trick to success. Benefit from the high ground and rain catastrophic blows upon your hapless foes, or see consternation as if your summons have difficulty hitting on the well-protected enemies threatening them from over…

But not worry! You get a variety of alternatives at your disposal when you’re in a rush. Use nimble and fast warriors to capture the high ground, flying components to control the battle in the atmosphere, or magical that may roast, freeze, or zap foes, whatever their place!


Thorough Skill Trees

Utilize the points figures gain every time they level up to find out and enhance unique skills. Every course has its own skills and personalities can change a completely new set of skills to start up.

Wizards and Pirates and Summoners, Oh My!

Nash is a feisty summoner having a project to do: namely, stopping a bunch of wicked magi from resurrecting an ancient witch and ruining the world!

Along the way, she will befriend a young priestess in the ancient and noble lineage, duel a very persistent pirate obsessed with loot, and combat hordes of deadly monsters!

Check out the trailer for your variant that is Change:

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