Enter the Gungeon – How to Find the New Secret Boss

Back when Input the Gungeon was new and I was getting a ton of hits on YouTube, I remember someone post that data miners found things that suggested the Resourceful Rat would be a boss sometime in the future. Taking revenge is a whole lot easier said than done, although now that is a fact.

Required Items

  • A really good construct
  • At least four infuriating notes
  • The gnawed key
  • One crucial
  • Two blanks
  • And some patience

Getting to the Lair
There are two puzzles you want to finish prior to fighting the Rat. The lair is being located by the first, together with the other finding your way round a maze. Both are pretty simple even though it might take you a couple tries.

Before bothering with the lair you’ll need at least four infuriating notes (I presume five requires you to go into the lair and the last one is exclusive to some mimic). These tell you how you can navigate through the maze, so with no it is a one in 1024 chance. Your objective is to purchase the key that is gnawed upon getting those, which should come by opening chests.

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