There Are No Current Plans To Release Rocket League 2 Says Psyonix


Rocket League became among the most played games as it burst over the PC and PS4 back. Because of this game’s success individuals have been asking if we will find a Rocket League two in the not too distant future.

It seems like we may need to wait a very long time since Psyonix has no plans to generate a sequel at the 30, to see Rocket League two. Gamespot spoke with Game Director Scott Rudi and he traces a sequel remains a ways off.


He explained:”we would like to keep this moving. I really don’t know what I would do with Rocket League 2. I do more to enlarge the Rocket League. It is doing good, a lot is before it. So yeah, we’ve got no strategies for Rocket League two .”

At this phase, Psyonix would upgrade the Rocket League video game compared to simply make a sequel. This makes sense because the game is still played by millions of gamers.

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