E3 2018: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Runs Surprisingly Well on the Switch; Highlights What Makes it Unique


Valkyria Chronicles has consistently been an intriguing game for two or three reasons. The ongoing interaction requires development like an activity RPG, yet battle takes after that of a turn based RPG. Notwithstanding that, it has a one of a kind craftsmanship style, includes tanks and different snares and requires a decent comprehension of classes, strategies and more to be effective.

While the E3 demo tossed gamers in the profound end, it truly featured the significance of strategies. Players are given a bunch of characters of different classes and need to utilize all their aptitude, alongside a tank, to be fruitful. It seems like a simple undertaking and keeping in mind that it isn’t troublesome, it requires a decent measure of arranging and planning to be effective.


What stands out about this mission is there is really something for every class to do, forcing players to understand the importance of having the right tactic. Why fire a rocket or automatic weapon at a far away person when someone can snipe them or what is there to gain in shooting a tank with a couple bullets.

The downside to this is, if nothing else, the E3 demo isn’t about showing what Valkyria Chronicles 4 special, as much as getting newcomers involved. It’s an interesting tactic and one it seems to accomplish. To further this, I had the distinct pleasure of playing the Switch version and found it fan quite well. Actions were quick, characters were responsive and you could use the small arrow buttons to precisely aim your shots.

While it will be interesting to see all the improvements Valkyria Chronicles 4 has to offer, the E3 demo does a fantastic job of highlight what the series accomplished. And, with the Switch version offering it on the go, it looks to be everything the series was meant to be.

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