Moonlighter – How to Defeat Carnivorous Mutae


Except for the last chief, Carnivorous Mutae is effectively the hardest to beat. This is to a great extent because of erratic nature of it’s assaults. All things considered, with a decent strategy and some karma this is anything but a horrendously troublesome battle.

Set up

For each battle I emphatically recommend utilizing the gauntlets. In addition to the fact that they are quick and arrangement better than average harm, the charged punch assault has invulnerability outlines that make players resistant to vitality based assaults. From that point, no player should require elixirs outside of the last battle and updates are useful, yet just significant on the off chance that you need to win without taking harm.


Like the Golem King, Carnivorous Mutae follows an anticipated example. The principal assault consistently brings forth includes, trailed by vines jumping out of the floor, it bouncing, whirling slugs and afterward another round of includes, with the cycle, less include gathering, proceeding until it kicks the bucket. The secret to this battle is karma and realizing where to stand.


Like, except for two or three assaults, remaining in the center, on either side, is generally sheltered. In like manner, charged punches are or possibly were safe to physical assaults, however getting hit like that will void an ideal run. Notwithstanding, it’s totally sheltered to avoid a bounce that way, gave a vine doesn’t hit you during said hop. Outside of that, go slowly, slaughter includes when you can and misuse power outlines during the projectile segments.

Flawless Run

For those hoping to do an ideal run, I never made sense of an approach to reliably evade vines jumping out of the ground. I discovered they show up around your present area, so going a solitary bearing appears to function admirably at staying away from them, with adversary arrangement being totally karma based. Other than that, the ultimate objective ought to be to kill it before a subsequent vine assault occurs. This is totally conceivable and the most ideal approach to diminish the karma required to win the battle.

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