Moonlighter – How to Defeat Golem King


Golem King has all the makings of a decent first chief. He is hard enough where a talented player can hypothetically lose, yet not all that hard another player gets no opportunity. Indeed, Golem King follows an amazingly unsurprising example that is just troublesome on the off chance that you get eager or suck at timing your evades.

Set up

For each battle I firmly propose utilizing the gauntlets. In addition to the fact that they are quick and arrangement nice harm, the charged punch assault has power outlines that make players resistant to vitality based assaults. From that point, no player should require elixirs outside of the last battle and overhauls are useful, however just significant in the event that you need to win without taking harm.


The battle begins with the ruler pummeling his clench hand, rocks fall in one of the a few preprogramed designs, he pushes the player away from his body, the ooze arm shoots out and goes from one side to the next, with his arm dropping on you two or multiple times while a sludge might possibly generate. On the off chance that this sounds extremely simple, this is on the grounds that the battle isn’t that troublesome.


After beginning the battle, assault Golem King around four or multiple times and afterward chill out and hang tight for his assault. Ensure a shadow isn’t over your head and afterward continue to assault him around six or so times and afterward prepare to maintain a strategic distance from the ooze arm. After the Golem King fires his arm, it will either go to one side or right and you need to be prepared. Evade it and watch out for where it winds up. In the event that it goes to one side, it will return and hit you, where as the left is sheltered. From here, don’t get avaricious and rehash the cycle until he bites the dust.

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