Moonlighter – How to Defeat Naja


While Naja isn’t the hardest chief, it’s effectively the least expensive. Notwithstanding having an assortment of semi-unsurprising assaults, there are a ton of spots to take harm or chaos up in a manner that doesn’t feel completely reasonable. Fortunately, there are a few stunts to make Naja less irritating.

Set up

For each battle I unequivocally propose utilizing the gauntlets. In addition to the fact that they are quick and arrangement better than average harm, the charged punch assault has strength outlines that make players safe to vitality based assaults. From that point, no player should require elixirs outside of the last battle and updates are useful, however just significant in the event that you need to win without taking harm. For this battle I likewise recommend wearing reinforcement that speeds up, particularly on the off chance that you need to do a no harm run.


Naja has an aggregate of six assaults that are shown by which some portion of it’s body is sparkling. Head implies it will charge at you, with the following part doing an aficionado of projectiles, trailed by three arrangements of two slugs going toward each path, calling fire foes and magma puddles. There is additionally a last assault that has all the tail parts shine, showing they will ricochet around the room like a puck on an air hockey table.


The most ideal approach to deal with Naja is to make sense of which assaults you can’t manage and concentrate on assaulting that piece of it’s body. After a specific point they will break and you won’t need to manage that assault for the length of the battle. Another is any piece assaulted during the bobbing fragment will quit moving and take harm, except if another piece slams into it. This is amazingly valuable in the event that you need to kill a section without pursuing the chief.

Flawless Run

In case you’re attempting to do an ideal run, remember that any gleaming part will bargain harm to you and crushing a section making steam leave the head and arrangement harm to anybody that contacts it. Outside of that, play shrewd and don’t belittle the chief.

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