All Championship Title Belts Listed In WWE 2K20


2K Games has now recorded the title belts that you can get/achieve in WWE 2K18. A few new bits of equipment have been included for the current year.

A year ago, WWE 2K17 didn’t have all the new belts that were made because of the brand split. Presently WWE 2K18 includes the entirety of the new bits of equipment that was presented since the draft happened.


WWEGames posted the rundown on Facebook. The belts are: WWE Championship, Universal Championship, NXT Championship, Raw Tag Team, Smackdown Tag Team, NXT Tag Team, Raw Women’s, Smackdown Women’s, NXT Women’s, Intercontinental Championship, US Title, Cruiserweight Title, UK Title, ’12-’17 NXT, ’13 – ’17 NXT Tag Team, ’13 – ’17 NXT Women’s, World Heavyweight Championship, ’13-’14 WWE Championship, Spinner Belt, WWE Undisputed Championship, Attitude Era Championship, WWE Tag Team ’02 – ’10, World Tag Team ’02 – ’10, Attitude Era Tag Team, Intercontinental ’98 – ’11, 1994 Intercontinental, 1990 Intercontinental, Smokin Skull Belt, Brahma Bull Belt, John Cena US Spinner, Million Dollar Belt, WWE Title ’88 – ’98, Divas Title, Women’s Title ’98 – ’10, Cruiserweight Title ’91 – ’07, Hardcore Belt, European Belt, Light Heavyweight Title, WWE Tag Team Belts ’10 – ’16, ECW Title ’08 – ’10, ECW Title ’06 – ’08, ECW Title ’94 – ’01, ECW Television, ECW Tag Team, WCW World ’91 – ’93, WCW World Title ’88, NWO WCW Title, WCW USA, WCW Hardcore, WCW Cruiserweight, WCW Tag Team and WCW Tag Team ’91 – ’96.


Tallying those up, WWE 2K18 has an aggregate of 52 title titles. This is the most number of belts at any point found in the WWE computer games. Who will be your heroes when you get the game?

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