Rumor: 205 Live Roster Not Getting Royalties For WWE 2K20


WWE 2K20 has the greatest list in establishment history. Because of this it appears as though WWE as well as 2K have needed to make the penance not to offer eminences to certain individuals including the 205 Live list.

This report originates from the Voices of Wrestling digital recording (by means of Rather than getting paid with sovereignties like a large portion of the others on the current WWE program, the 205 Live grapplers just got paid a level charge.


They stated: “From what we are told, the 205 Live ability that advanced onto the 2K computer game this year are not getting a bit of the business like every other person. They’re getting a level expense. Why? I don’t have the foggiest idea”.


Neville effectively passed up eminences not long ago when his match with Austin Aries got cut from the WrestleMania 33 DVD/Blu-beam. This is simply one more motivation behind why Neville quit the organization. Other 205 Live ability are likely troubled on the grounds that they are not in the game by any means!

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