Legendary Pokémon Are Finally Coming To Pokémon Go


Niantic is genuinely fulfilling the fans on the grounds that Legendary Pokemon are before long coming to Pokemon Go. You can experience them when this end of the week!

Niantic reported the entirety of the subtleties on the official site. They stated: “If Trainers wherever get enough Pokémon during Pokémon GO Fest on July 22, 2017, the presentation Legendary Pokémon will be divulged! At that point, Pokémon GO Fest participants in Grant Park will have the option to experience this Legendary Pokémon in an epic Raid Battle. On the off chance that they rout it, the Pokémon will show up at Gyms over the globe starting July 23”


Niantic says separated from this occasion, Legendary Pokemon will keep on showing up in the game consistently. They won’t show up constantly in light of the fact that that implies they won’t be “uncommon”.


In the event that you quit playing the game, presently is the best time to play it once more. Your commitment could help other people get a Legendary Pokemon as well so go out and get them all!

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