Tyson Kidd Confirmed To Be From The WWE 2K18 Roster


Tyson Kidd has been out of activity for a long time, yet he can at present wrestle in the computer games. The harmed WWE Superstar affirmed himself to be in the WWE 2K18 computer game.

A fan inquired as to whether he will be in WWE 2K18. Kidd replied with a brief “yes I will”. This is uplifting news for fans since he’s been not able to wrestle, in actuality, for an extremely significant time-frame.


Kidd endured a close to deadly neck damage during a match with Samoa Joe two or three years back. He’s been out of activity from that point onward yet is as yet utilized by the WWE.


He has since been included behind the stage to be a maker. He probably won’t have the option to wrestle once more, however at any rate he can work in the background to ensure other wrestling matches look great.

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