The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Finding and Obtaining the Master Sword

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One of the most energizing things in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Master Sword. The notorious edge is shrouded some place in a stone and you must discover it. While there are a lot of spots to look, you have to advance in the story to get pieces of information of its whereabouts. Be that as it may, since you can discover the sword anytime, this guide will reveal to you where it’s found and how to get it.

Finding the Master Sword

The Master Sword is situated in Korok Forest, which is a piece of the Great Hyrule Forest, covered up past the Lost Woods. To locate the Lost Woods, just head north of Hyrule Castle and search for a timberland shrouded in mist. It’s inside nearness of the pinnacle in case you’re having issues discovering it.

To discover your way through the forested areas, basically follow the lights until you discover two of them opposite one another. Now head to one side and afterward advance north. In the event that you do this effectively, you should discover an intersection. Head right and afterward continue pushing ahead until you advance toward the town. Ensure you communicate with the place of worship in the event that you never need to waste time with that again.

There you will discover the Master Sword and open the mission.

Acquiring the Master Sword


The prerequisites for getting the Master Sword are truly clear. You basically need 13 red hearts to effectively remove the cutting edge. Since you start with three and you get four from sparing the celestial brutes, you just need to get six from sanctuaries. This implies you have to do no under 24, with an extra four for each perfect brute you haven’t wrapped up. This can set aside some effort to do, however there is one stunt that may make things simpler.

On the off chance that you previously cleared the holy places and acquired stamina upgrades, there is a statue in Hateno Village that will let you swap hearts for stamina and the other way around. The statue is situated to one side of the south entryway, on the mountain confronting ceaselessly from the town. You’ll have to converse with the statue for a piece and pay a little charge for the change, however it’s despite everything superior to finding and clearing four places of worship.

When you have each of the 13 hearts you’ll have the option to extricate the sharp edge. In spite of the swords heritage, its assault is just 30, however when confronting Ganon and pernicious powers, the edges assault bounces to 60. This makes the last battle against Ganon a lot simpler.

In case you’re having issues with any piece of the guide, you can discover a video control underneath.


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