Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Issues We Desire Fixed at Launch


While the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta left a decent impact on us all in all, there are a couple of stuff in it that we encountered that left us trusting that it will get fixed at dispatch. The uplifting news is, a portion of the Modern Warfare beta issues we notice beneath have been affirmed to be stuff that Infinity Ward is investigating, so would-be players probably won’t experience a portion of these issues come dispatch.

Blue specks of death

In the beta, friendlies had a blue speck over their heads to tell you that, y’know, they’re friendlies and not somebody you should shoot. Lamentably, there’s this little issue in Modern Warfare that shows the blue dab covering an adversary name ID that will absolutely get you murdered. This is what it would appear that:


Looking however not covered up


Another element in Call of Duty games included in Modern Warfare is the capacity to look at corners. Given you’re looking, it’s expected that you’re not uncovering your whole body to be taken shots at. All things considered, there’s a bug in the game that makes them look, however leaves your whole body extending out like you’re taking shots at them out of spread. This appears to be something that are effectively fixable, so we trust and expect it will be come dispatch.

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