Should Battlefield Be Worried With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 32v32 Ground War?


On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea about, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta included the establishment’s first interpretation of enormous scope, hard and fast fighting with its new 32v32 Ground War game mode. Not just that, it even highlighted vehicles too, however we just found a workable pace tank and ATV accessible. Presently, it’s difficult to see play this mode without contrasting it with the game it’s clearly attempting to chimp, and that is the Battlefield establishment.

At the point when gamers consider enormous scope battle in shooters, odds are, the principal game in their mouths will be Battlefield and in light of current circumstances. Beginning with Battlefield 1942 route in 2002, the establishment has continually overhauled, refined, and improved its center ongoing interaction equation, yet the one thing that stayed steady was, it included enormous scope infantry battle.

In Modern Warfare, obviously Infinity Ward is pursuing Battlefield’s crown. Presently, the unavoidable issue is: should Battlefield — and thusly, DICE and EA — be stressed?


James Lara:

I absolutely loved the Modern Warfare beta, as it showed that Infinity Ward isn’t afraid to shake up the series. Taking a more realistic approach, the gunplay is far slower, yet at the same time just feels right. I found the TTK (time-to-kill) to be right in that sweet spot with it not being a first to shoot win scenario or one that drags on forever. The maps could have used more work in terms of lane balances along with spawns, but for the most part, what was offered in the Beta I thoroughly enjoyed, well almost everything up until the final days where they introduced the large scale 32 vs 32 Ground War Mode.


Coming off from all the previous game modes in the beta, I was rather excited to try out Call of Duty’s take on the “Battlefield” experience. Spawning in, seeing the sheer size of the map and supporting 64 players (more is planned) I was pretty blown away by it, considering Call of Duty has never really done anything of the scope outside of the Battle Royale mode found in Black Ops 4. That excitement however quickly faded away as I began to approach the main capture points in the mode.

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