Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Make Good on the Star Wars License


November 15, 2020 is a significant date for EA and their decade-long selectiveness for making Star Wars games, as that is the discharge date for Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Not exclusively is it Respawn’s first game for consoles and PC that is certainly not a first-individual shooter, it’s likewise the main new Star Wars game EA has discharged since Battlefront II, and having dropped two single-player Star Wars games. As indicated by the reiteration of sneak peaks around the web at the present time, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is turning out to be an incredible game. For the good of EA it would be wise to be on the grounds that time is abandoning their residency as stewards the Star Wars computer games and, in case I’m in effect fiercely legit, their reputation has been spotty, best case scenario and out and out horrible even from a pessimistic standpoint.

At the point when George Lucas sold all things Lucasfilm to Disney in October of 2012 one of the inquiries a large number of us had was “What will occur with Star Wars computer games?” LucasArts hadn’t generally done anything generous with the property themselves in years and the greater part of what we were getting were Lego Star Wars games and for PC gamers the last critical title was The Old Republic MMO created by BioWare. The response to the inquiry came in May 2013 when it was reported that EA would have the exclusive* rights to Star Wars games for a long time (*Travelers Tales can in any case make Lego Star Wars games).


At that point, I was idealistic. Individuals may overlook however around then EA was doing truly well with the games they were discharging. Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect 3 (contrary feelings a few people had with respect to the completion regardless), Syndicate, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, all turned out the year earlier. Indeed, they had online passes and such — a business is as yet a business and needs to make however much benefit as could reasonably be expected — yet there was little purpose behind me to be worried that they were dealing with the Star Wars permit for the following ten years.


During E3 2013, EA confirmed that their highly regarding Battlefield developer, DICE, would be making a new Star Wars Battlefront game. Then, in 2014, news came in 2014 that acclaimed video game writer/director Amy Hennig, creator of the wildly beloved and popular Uncharted series with Naughty Dog, joined Dead Space developer, EA’s Visceral Games, to make a Star Wars game. Since Hennig’s pedigree has been single-player, story-driven games, all expectations was that she was going to bring something similar to Star Wars.

The future looked bright for Star Wars games under EA’s umbrella. Little did anyone know at the time that they would almost completely drop the ball.

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