Top 5 Things Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Is Already Doing Right


With Infinity Ward and Activision at long last pulling back the blind on the current year’s Call of Duty, and affirming that it will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in addition to the fact that we are returning to a progressively sensible setting, however there were additionally a couple of things affirmed that made us energized during the current year’s emphasis.

While we don’t have solid insights about multiplayer at this time, there are a lot of stuff that we’re grateful is at last being actualized in the game somehow or another or another. What are these? Peruse on, officer.


Returning to Modern Warfare Setting

Recall when we were exhausted that each distributer needed an advanced first-individual shooter? Better believe it, how circumstances are different, isn’t that so? These days, individuals can hardly wait to get once more into grounded an area.


No jetpacks, no lift hops, no weapons that shoot projectiles in various ways, however simply strong, grounded, authenticity ish fighting.

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