Top 7 Reasons Why Apex Legends Can and Will Hook in Non-Battle Royale Fans


I need to admit: I’ve never been a devotee of fight royale games. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s PUBG, Fortnite, or even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout, I simply don’t burrow the entire sort since you hang tight for quite a while to really begin a match, and it very well may be over even before you’ve gotten a weapon.

Notwithstanding, I wind up playing Apex Legends increasingly more every day. Is it in light of the promotion? I question it since Fortnite and Blackout had a ton more publicity around them, and I didn’t feel snared in with both considerably subsequent to attempting it over and again.

The following, are a portion of the reasons why I think Apex Legends has prevailing with regards to sucking in non-fight royale fans such as myself into the overlay.


Overly Easy to Get Into


Is the structure component of Fortnite overwhelming? Better believe it, I suspected as much. In Apex Legends, you’re allowed to pick a Legend, set out to find out about their capacities and that is it, generally. While each character has various aptitudes, they don’t invade the game that you’ll wish you set out to find out about each the first occasion when you boot it up. Every Legend capacity is sufficiently simple to make sense of, and they’re sufficiently simple to use too. Obviously, having the option to utilize a capacity is immensely unique in relation to being acceptable at utilizing said capacity, and that is the place the aptitude hole comes in.

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