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The Titanfall community seems to be having its very own civil war, Apex Legends, together with fans being split between loving or hating Respawns launch.

Rumor — There’s A Battle Royal Game Based On Your Titanfall Universe

Little was understood. What we did know was that it was put in the Titanfall world, which was sufficient to get excited about. Fans were happy to hear that we will be receiving more of it, even if it had been in the kind of a battle royale title, after launching two iterations of Titanfall. And despite the initial reports saying that the game would feature no Titans (a staple of the show ) the core gameplay of the characters still had much to look forward to. As it introduced the gameplay to its Titanfall series, respawn took the world by storm, and the studio was seen by many as EA’s last redeeming factor.

So while the concept of a whole battle royal match did possess the population positive, many had expected for that combat in the string to transition into.

Lets face it, the information spread by YouTubers and Twitch streamers were a driving force. Apex Legends could have easily fallen if it weren’t for its influencers along with the other not-so-popular battle royal names which are out there in the cracks. These people leaked the information before the reveal to draw up as much focus as possible, doing what they do best and the easiest way to advertise the sport when the complete reveal happened, as a job that left many sour.



I think that the material around the sport could have generated enough hype by studio name independently and was handled badly. I suggest these are the men who made arguably the best Call of Duty game ever (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2) out there, and Titanfall 1 certainly generated a large fanbase because we understood exactly what Respawn was capable of. Along with the reveal could have been just as surprising considering it was not gone into by any advertising prior release. Read that again. That is simply unheard of, and quite honestly goddamn of them. They might have arrived and promoted the game months ahead as a new battle royale encounter, and EA and Respawn probably would have gotten a large amount of hate for it with the typical reply being”oh, another Battle Royale, no thanks” but how this was completed minimalized it and stirred up more hype than it probably would have gotten.

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