Top 5 Anthem Improvements We Want to See According to the Demo


Technical and server problems aside, we enjoyed what we played of the Anthem VIP demonstration past week. With that said, that does not mean there is not room for improvement. To the contrary, we believe there’s quite a number of Anthem improvements we would like to see for this weekend presentation, or in the retail version.

Below, we’ve listed the best five Anthem enhancements we would like to see depending on the presentation.


Improved Frame Rate in Fort Tarsis

Together with the demo starting you off at Fort Tarsis at a first-person vantage point, it baffling how horrible the frame rate is/was, and how it sensed moving across the game’s city.


Let’s hope the frame rate is improved, or there are at least optimizations implemented to make the Fort Tarsis trek a tad more easy to choose.

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