Demo Resident Evil 3 Set to Arrive at the Near Future


As mentioned, Resident Evil two obtained a free demo last year prior to the game’s arrival in early 2019. While we don’t have specifics just yet on if Capcom plans to release the RE3 demo, it stands to reason that it will be prior to the game’s release, much like RE2.


It’s also worth noting that the demo for Resident Evil 2, at Least upon first being published, was a timed demo that allowed players to try out the sport for a set time period. Capcom later re-released the demo long after RE2 had hit store shelves, however, and ended up eliminating the timed part from the trial. In all likelihood, I’d expect the demonstration for RE3 to be pretty similar in character.


Resident Evil 3 will release later this year on April 3, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ll keep you posted when we hear longer About the presentation’s release date from Capcom.

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