How Overwatch Is Helping a Therapist Connect With


The intersection between videogames and psychological health is currently coming under increasing scrutiny, both and outside it. Examples include The Insight Project, established by Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice creative manager Tameem Antoniades, and psychologist and professor of health neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, Paul Fletcher, so as to tackle a core issue:’Can a videogame promote mental wellbeing and reduce mental suffering?’

The end objective is to create”consuming game encounters” that can help players recognize and gain control over emotional health concerns they could be facing. However, while jobs like this are investigating how games could go beyond merely representing mental health problems”and be a tool for treatment plans” in the future, there are instances of how successful games can be in assisting people who have mental ill health already.


One such instance is Overwatch, which a therapist working in a clinic for teens and teens says has demonstrated”very powerful” in his or her sessions.


In a post on Reddit, therapist Grant (who goes by the username Calix19) says:”You might imagine that working with teenagers presents its own distinct challenges. They do not always want to be in my office. Remedy for these is just another dumb thing their parents are making them do, and I am just the next person who doesn’t really listen.” He adds that”occasionally children are naturally guarded and (fairly or unfairly) feel misunderstood or abandoned by the entire world”, however as a therapisthe wants his workplace to feel as a safe area for them to be themselves — and , crucially, he’s”a person who’gets it'”.

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