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What’s much better than a wonderful wedding? A wedding that takes place on a bare, frozen planet that gets assaulted of course. Well, that’s just what the Borderlands 3 DLC, named Love, Guns, and Tentacles, must offer you. Wainwright and Hammerlock are tying the knot around the new planet Xylourgos, which can be filled with wildlife. In addition to that, mysterious cultists summoned all sorts of horrors to boot up have crashed the marriage.

Luckily, you’ll have a returning character to aide you on your way. The individual in question is Gaige that the Mechromancer, which those of you that’ve played Borderlands two ought to be acquainted with. And, yes, of course her friend Deathtrap is there, also. Obviously, there’s also gonna be brand new Legendary gear to unlock, in addition to makeup and Class Mods. If younoticed the critters and’ve looked at the trailer, you will know you will need all of the help you can get.


So, there you have it. There are several ways which you may get it if you want to play with Love, Guns, and Tentacles. For one, if you’ve got the Super Deluxe Edition of Borderlands 3, you receive the DLC. Same goes in the event that you’ve obtained the season pass. Lastly, of course, you can just buy Death, Love and Tentacles. And, while you’re waiting to start on March 26th, you can check out the trailer for it under.


If you’re having trouble with other things in the sport, you might want to check some out. We have recorded the areas of Red Chests, Typhon Logs, Dead Claptrap Parts and Hijack Targets. We’ve researched the mission options, like what occurs when you side-by-side or Ramsden in On The Blood Path, or any time you tell Rhys to maintain or eliminate mustache at Atlas at Last. We’ve also covered secrets, like the one where you need to open the Holy Broadcast Center locked door.

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