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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Developer Infinity Ward has removed one of its newest game modes, although this week, latest update came. Together with fresh map Bazaar and style’Boots on the Ground War’, Modern Warfare’s February 25 patch additional’Giant Infection!’ — but the studio already removed it because it was still handing out”a bit too much XP.”

Infinity Ward has made the announcement on Twitter, saying:”The Giant Infection playlist was giving out a little too much XP, so we just rolled out a playlist upgrade to eliminate the mode while we work on a repair ”

Giant Infection is a version of the Infection sport type, but put from the FPS game’s larger-scale ‘Aniyah Palace’ Ground War map. Matches kick off with all players set as’survivors’, before one is chosen to become’infected’ then must bring the survivors all down, until they all join the ranks of their infected. Survivors have to attempt also bring the infected down, and to hold out against this.


Contemplating XP is an Significant Part how you progress through the tiers of Modern Warfare’s conflict pass, It is logical that Infinity Ward is keen to spend down the way for tweaking whether it is turning out to be a little rewarding for players at its existing condition.

Luckily for gamers getting stuck into the Infantry-only mode only included (“Realism rules. No tanks”),’Boots on the Ground War’ is still available to get trapped into. Fingers crossed, Giant Infection will be back shortly.


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