Epic addresses frustrating Fortnite Team


Team Rumble is the most Fortnite game mode from the lineup, but that doesn’t mean that people do not take it. This is the game mode they could enjoy.

In Season 2, Epic made a ton of positive changes. They removed matchmaking, made all guns spawn as rare or better, eliminated the Glider Re-Deploy item, and began players with 150 of each substance.


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Team Rumble players were eager to jump and play but noticed a frustrating bug when they dropped from the bus. Teammates would not load in such, which makes them seem like enemies for a couple of seconds.

One week after Season 2 came out, their silence broke . On February 28, the Fortnite Status Twitter account declared that the team is working on a fix for the problem.


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Teammate arrows at Team Rumble’s disappearance is listed as’Fixed.’ We can anticipate an upgrade next week, and that’s when the problem should go away.

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