Ninja and NickMercs Have a Heated Debate


Ninja and NickMercs had a heated argument within Fortnite aim aid during a recent stream.

Perhaps you have had enough of the Fortnite aim assist debate? Well, Fortnite streamers haven’t. Another argument over target aid in Fortnite.

This one was spawned by a comment made by Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans while NickMercs and Ninja streamed.

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The NFL celebrity brought up playing console vs. playing PC. Nick took exception aid on PC.


“Listen, guy, I played with the console tournament the other day,” Nick told his viewers. “Aim assist is literally the same thing. I really don’t care what none of y’all motherf***ers say”

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Ninja clarified that he is talking on PC, to which Nick agreed. It was when Ninja said the word”broken” that things started to get somewhat testy between both streamers.

“Homie, plug in the controller and perform,” Nick told Ninja. Cable responded when he uses a controller that he ca hurt.

“When it had been OP then all of them muhf***ers would be enjoying this so ***, and you know it,” Nick stated. “You receive high 100, ten of these kids are control players. Because one of them is at the top ten everyone’s got a f***in’ difficulty with it.”

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“It is not that one of these is at the upper ten,” Ninja rebutted. “It’s that the man who has a controller player that is at the very best then has 50-times that the eliminations of all the PC players. That is the problem.”


Both went on to yell over one another over the ability of target help vs. the ability of keyboard and mouse.

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