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Last week was a large one for writer and writer Yacht Club Games, many famous for Shovel Knight, as the firm earlier this week shared specifics on quite a few new projects which it’s in the functions . One of those was the announcement of its upcoming puzzle game Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon that attracts its titular Shovel Knight into a new genre, together with the evolution of new IP. While specifics on which Yacht Club is working on following are obscure, the studio does appear to have its thoughts on continuing to expand to the Shovel Knight series and looking ahead to next-gen consoles later on.

Speaking in an interview Yacht Club Games artist Sandy, at PAX East Gordon shared a bit more about what to anticipate from the developer and publisher from the future concerning Shovel Knight and next-gen consoles, following the studio’s next Yacht Club Games Presents broadcast earlier this week.


Specifically, Gordon expressed that while evolution on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and”that whole saga of matches is complete,” he stated that”this is definitely not the end of Shovel Knight.” Gordon said that together with the studio’s jobs in the Shovel Knight franchise now in development like Pocket Dungeon and Dig, he explained that”we hope to get a lot more Shovel Knight in the future,” which could possibly include a proper Shovel Knight 2. Specifically, Gordon clarified that the studio is”absolutely” contemplating a sequel and that he’s”sure that will happen at some point: it is something we talk about a good deal.”

Besides the recent advancements about Shovel Knight, Gordon expressed the studio is also looking ahead towards the approaching arrival of the next-generation consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Though Gordon could not confirm exact details about what the studio might have in your mind for what it may create for next-gen systems, he stated that Yacht Club does possess the prospects of consoles in your mind. He clarified that”I can not confirm if we’re doing something that’s super’high-fidelity,’ but we are definitely thinking about it and always do our very best to bring quality content.”


Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is available today on consoles, handhelds, PC, and other programs, together with Shovel Knight Dig and Pocket Dungeon now in development.

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