Fallout 76’s Wastelanders growth looks hopeful


Bethesda has shown off gameplay of This upcoming Fallout 76 Wastelanders growth – and it seems like it creates some significant improvements to the game.

In the movie below developers show off a raft of NPCs fresh locations, discussions and a pursuit.


Much has changed from the multiplayer online game – and perhaps the most critical change is to. You will bump into a few upon leaving Vault 76, and a few areas dead are alive with people.


The movie shows how the developers have remade the initial location you Get the Overseer’s care package from to some bar The Wayward. Inside is a character Named Duchess, your bartender, that you Can speak to. Of note, there are traces of dialog to choose from – and Sometimes more than four options, also. Fallout 4 has been heavily criticised For letting you choose from only four choices in dialog, so this is a Marked improvement.

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