3 new Half-Life: Alyx videos manifest Her attraction Gloves And Upgradable gun in action


Valve has released three new videos showing off Half-Life: Alyx, The VR Half-Life prequel. From the videos you will see Alyx dealing with headcrabs, zombies soldiers, puzzles, and all kinds of bodily interactions.

And you also get a good look in her pistol that is extremely cool In action, including a trip to an station to add a reflex sight and laser sight. At one stage her shotgun turns by launch it and clamping an explosive device to the barrel. You may also see exactly how useful her gravity gloves are, for snatching items including away from a barnacle’s tongue, not to mention flinging grenades back at the soldiers who threw them.


In the very first video above, Alyx makes her way through a darkened area of City 17, employing the teleportation locomotion alternative. She visits a fabricator, which permits her to update her pistol utilizing resin, which she awakens by searching through containers. She utilizes a Combine wellness station.


Through a part under, she travels in the next video Been infested deals with headcrabs and barnacles, and can A few 3D puzzle solving to open doors.

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