Paranormal Activity 7 brings on Happy Death Day Manager to pen handwriting


There Is Joyful, and a Paranormal Action movie in the works Death Day manager Christopher Landon has signed on to pen the script. Landon formerly wrote Paranormal Activity 2, 4, 3, and 5 (which he directed), in addition to both Happy Death Day films.

Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum was on The Evolution of Horror podcast (through Bloody Disgusting) If he broke the news of the involvement of Landon . “We’re doing a brand new Paranormal Action, we’ve got Chris Landon…he is coming up with Paranormal Activity 7,” said Blum. The manufacturer said that the film’s title is Paranormal Activity 7; it the movie in the franchise.


Blumhouse Has emerged in the forefront of non terror that was American, having generated Insidious the Paranormal Action collection, Sinister, and the 2018 Halloween reboot.

No other news has been shown about another Paranormal Action, but we understand from past reporting That it is supposed to hit theaters March 21. That will be about six years in the launch of the latest installment The Ghost Dimension, that follows the family members and their link to the soul at the middle of this collection.

I am curious to see if the Collection is continued by Blumhouse Using an immediate sequel or takes matters. Taking into consideration the time my cash on some type of spin-off or reboot.


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