Warlords of New York Hunters Locations in Division 2


New York trackers are new shrouded managers in The Division 2. They were included the Warlords of New York extension, and there’s four of them altogether. They’re all level 40, very hard to execute, and you can’t discover them no problem at all. Every one is holed up behind a progression of assignments. When you’ve finished them, the tracker will bring forth, permitting you a took shots at their cover and other apparatus. In case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering them, this guide will give you Division 2 Warlords of New York trackers areas.


School tracker area – Civic Center

So as to bring forth the two trackers in the Civic Center zone, you’ll need to finish a progression of steps. Most importantly, go to the UDBG laundromat in Canal Street, on the northeastern outskirt of the territory. Head inside, and through the entryway on the right. Search for a clothes washer with the number 23 on it in the center area. Communicate with it, and the force will go out.

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