Grave Location in Lost Sector Trapper’s Cave – Destiny 2 Bastion Quest


Destiny 2 Bastion Memento exotic pursuit includes a quest step in which you need to obtain the grave place in Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector. This is one of the Bastion quest’s steps, and requires you to find the grave in the Four-Horn Gulch in Tangled Shore. However, there’s absolutely nothing in the Lost Sector that remotely resembles a tomb. To aid you, we have put together our Grave Location in Lost Sector Trapper’s Cave Destiny 2 Bastion Quest guide, in which we will show you precisely where to find the grave.


Where to Find Grave in Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector in Destiny 2 Bastion Memento Quest?

To find the Grave in the Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector on your way to complete the Memento exotic quest and acquire Bastion, the first step is to go to Four-Horn Gulch. You can get there by touching down at Thieves’ Landing in The Tangled Shore. From there, head to the east until you find a really big chunk of rock with the Lost Sector symbol on it. The entrance is right next to the symbol, so you should have absolutely no problem finding it. Basically, just go to the Lost Sector icon on the map in Four-Horn Gulch.

Now, once you enter into the Lost Sector, push straight ahead. After a very short while, you’ll come across a room with a path winding downward, towards three large spotlights. There will be some enemies to clear out, so dispatch them for your own piece of mind. At the bottom of the short, downward path, you’ll find a small pool being fed by an equally small waterfall. If you look to the right of the waterfall, you’ll spot a ball of blue mist. Approach and inspect the mist to complete this quest step and unlock the next one.

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