Division 2 Financial District SHD Tech Cache Locations


Money related District SHD tech reserves are collectibles in Division 2: Warlords of New York. There are five of them on this guide, and they’re truly covered up. You’ll need to fathom a short spatial riddle so as to contact them, and they’ll compensate you with SHD tech focuses and freedom progress for the territory. In case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering them, this guide will give all of you Division 2 Financial District SHD tech reserve areas.

Where to find SHD tech in Financial District?

The first cache can be found east of the Food Bank safehouse. Start by looking for a building with a giant blowfish graffiti on the side. Shoot the sand bag above its tail to lower the rope and climb up. Then shoot the yellow fuse box to open the gate. Climb up the ducts and look for another fuse box on the highest part of the building. Shoot it, and the door on the right will open. Go inside and head left, then back out through the other door. If you turn left, you’ll see the cache on a rusty tool cart.


There’s another one to the west of the Food Bank. Follow the street southwest of the safehouse until you reach an open manhole. Go down into the sewer and head left. Follow the path until you’re stopped by bars. If you look past them, you’ll see a padlocked door on the right. Shoot the padlock and go back, following the other path. Look for another padlocked door on the left, in one of the darker corridors. Shoot the lock and fight the enemies inside, then leave the room through the door you first unlocked. Follow the tunnel until you find a big toy soldier on your left. The cache will be on a barrel in front of it.

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