Washington DC Hunters Locations in Division 2


Washington DC seekers are managers in The Division two. Although DC was home to predators, New York expansion’s Warlords included more — all these are. Getting them is pretty complicated, plus they hard. If you are having difficulty locating them, this guide is going to show you the way to spawn Washington DC seekers in Section 2: WoNY

Generator hunter location – Downtown East

There’s a pair of hunters you can spawn in Downtown East. Your first task is to go to the holiday market at Judiciary Square. Look for the American Bar & Grill stand on the far left side. There’s a big red present in front of it, with a smaller blue one on top of it. Open the blue present and you’ll get a generator key.

Then you have to visit the holiday market south of the White House. Once you’re inside the circular area, look for a toy soldier, some giant candy canes and presents stacked in a pile next to a couple of containers. They’re in the northern part of the circular area. You’ll find another small blue box there, with another generator key inside.


Once you have both keys, go to the holiday market south of the District Union Arena in Downtown East. Wait for night to fall, then use the keys to activate the two generators – one on each side of the central stand, between the stalls. Follow the yellow cables leading from each generator to a lever, and pull them both. Then return to the central stand and push the newly revealed button to summon the two hunters.

Lion eyes hunter location – Constitution Hall

There’s a hunter that can spawn in the Constitution Hall area, and drop the Angel mask when defeated. In order to summon him, you’ll have to collect six lion eyes – diamonds hidden in refrigerators across town – then place then in Chinese lion statues in a specific order. We recommend collecting all the eyes before proceeding onto the statues.

The first pair of lion eyes can be found in a cafeteria north of the White House, northeast of the control point. It’s next to the espresso machine. The second pair is located in a donut shop in the northwestern part of West End, in the back room – it’s in a small fridge between the metal shelves and the row of big fridges with glass doors on the left.

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