Fortnite Security Plans Locations: How and Where To Steal The Rig, Yacht or Shark Certainty Plans

The main Ghost Vs Shadow Challenge to finish is currently accessible in Fortnite and the difficulties you have to finish is to take The Rig, Yacht or Shark Security Plans.

The second piece of the Brutus’ Briefing Challenges were discharged before today in Fortnite, which implies an aggregate of 20 difficulties have been discharged for this Agent. The difficulties this season will center around the operators that are opened through this seasons Battle Pass.

When you have finished 18 of the 20 difficulties, you will have the option to pick between a Shadow or Ghost style for the Brutus Skin. You should make certain of the style you select as you won’t have the option to pick the other style later.

There is another test that you will have the option to finish so as to open a style for the Hench Hauler Back Bling, which is opened at Level 14 of the Battle Pass. Here is the means by which you complete the test and how to open the style you need.

Fortnite: How and Where to Steal The Rig, Yacht or Shark Security Plans

The challenge you need to complete is to steal The Rig, Yacht or Shark Security Plans and you can either deliver these to SHADOW or GHOST, depending on the style you want to unlock for the Back Bling.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to go to The Yacht and you want to land in the water, near the front of the yacht on the right side. You can break the yacht at any section, but it may be easier to break it from the section that looks different from the rest, which can be seen below:

Fortnite Steal the Yacht Location

Once inside, you need to go to the door on the right, which can only be opened by interacting with the panel next to the door.

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