Division 2 Manhunt Progress Reset or Not Tracking Bug


Season 1 of Warlords of New York is in progress in The Division 2. It includes another regular manhunt, the primary objective of which is Neptune. You need to pound a lot of exercises, including missions and control focuses, before you make sense of where to discover Neptune. Various players have been griping about a bug which wipes their advancement. On the off chance that you were influenced by this issue, this guide will clarify why the Division 2 manhunt progress reset or not following bug occurs and how to evade it.


After some examination, we found this isn’t a bug by any stretch of the imagination. It happens when you change worldwide trouble or orders – the game cautions you you’ll lose progress when you attempt, and in the event that you acknowledge regardless of the notice, you’ll wind up losing progress. So the fix is quite simple – don’t disturb worldwide trouble and don’t change orders until you’ve finished the manhunt.

Most players don’t contact the trouble settings that frequently, as they’ve just discovered the trouble that suits them most. In any case, the orders are another element and loads of individuals are giving them a shot just because, unconscious of the manners in which they influence the game. Their primary impact is giving you extra XP in return for making you play with a specific modifier, similar to no defensive layer recovery, no minimap and directional risk pointers and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the base right of the trouble settings screen, you’ll see the admonition yourself. It says when you change any of these settings, all players and substance will respawn, all uncollected plunder will be lost, and any objectives in progress will be reset.

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