Epic Games announced that the legacy controls settings for aim assist will be removed next week.

Controller point help is constantly bantered in many fight royale and FPS games, however the point help banter in the Fortnite people group has been warmed for quite a while. With the dispatch of Fortnite section 2 season 2, players saw that controller players can utilize point aid request to discover players through shrubs and structures.

It’s more than likely this was unintentionally executed by Epic Games yet pc players saw the issue by watching replays of how players had the option to follow them through structures.

YouTuber Orange Guy posted a clasp on Twitter a couple of days back illustrating how players are following players through structures. In the clasp, a player can be seen L2 spamming and you can obviously observe a player sitting in a bramble can follow a player in a house in spite of the fact that at a certain point, the player loses following on the player in the house. Investigate the clasp beneath:


With PC players griping about point help for longer than a year, it appeared just as Epic could do nothing to nerf point aid any way, however it would seem that that is changed with a tweet put out by Fortnite.

In a tweet on the Fortnite Status account, Epic Games reported that because of upgrades that have been made to point help, Epic intend to evacuate the “utilization inheritance look control” on March thirteenth. So as to utilize the new point help settings Epic included some time prior, players can duplicate their inheritance settings in the controller alternatives and switch off use heritage look controls.

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