Washington DC Hunters Place in Division 2

Washington DC trackers are mystery managers in The Division 2. In spite of the fact that DC was at that point home to a few trackers, the Warlords of New York development included a few more – these are the ones we’ll be discussing here. Getting them to bring forth is quite tangled, and they’re terribly troublesome. In case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering them, this guide will tell you the best way to bring forth Washington DC trackers in Division 2: WoNY.

In case you’re searching for the trackers on the new guide, look at our Warlords of New York trackers areas manage – that one just covers the NY areas.

Generator hunter location – Downtown East

There’s a couple of trackers you can bring forth in Downtown East. Your first assignment is to go to the occasion showcase at Judiciary Square. Search for the American Bar and Grill remain on the extreme left side. There’s a major red present before it, with a littler blue one on it. Open the blue present and you’ll get a generator key.

At that point you need to visit the occasion showcase south of the White House. When you’re inside the roundabout region, search for a toy trooper, some goliath candy sticks and presents stacked in a heap alongside a few compartments. They’re in the northern piece of the round region. You’ll locate another little blue box there, with another generator key inside.

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