Disc Room Is a Bullet Hell Game By An All-Star Indie Group

In the event that you’re into non mainstream games, at that point you sit up and listen when you hear there’s another game originating from Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis, Terri Vellmann and Doseone. It’s called Disk Room, and it’s being distributed by Devolver Digital. It’s coming in the not so distant future, and it will place you in the shoes of a researcher exploring a gliding circle in Jupiter’s circle, passing on again and again and over once more.

The game is set in 2089, when a puzzling plate shows up in the gas monster’s circle. Normally, we send a lot of researchers to look at it, and it ends up being a passing snare. Shock, shock. The plate is included a progression of interconnected rooms which are loaded up with a lot of littler circles. These littler plates, be that as it may, are sharp. Extremely sharp. Also, they’re turning rather rapidly.

They’re conscious, these saws, you see. Be that as it may, don’t stress. On account of a quantum-this or hyper-that, you wind up engrossing their forces when they chop you down. As the advertising duplicate so compactly puts it, the main way out is through death. The forces you’ll have the option to acquire from your killers incorporate a scramble peppered with safety, cloning and bowing time. In the event that that sounds fascinating, you should look at the declaration trailer.

In the event that the engineers’ names don’t sound familiar, here’s a short rundown of the most popular games they’ve dealt with. Jan Willem Nijman is for the most part known for being half of Vlambeer, the group behind Nuclear Throne, Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers. He additionally chipped away at Minit, alongside Kitty Calis. Terri Vellmann is most popular for High Hell and Heavy Bullets, and Doseone did a lot of music for Enter the Gungeon, Samurai Gunn, Catacomb Kids, Nidhogg 2 and that’s just the beginning.

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