Interchange Saferoom Exfil Close The Door puzzle | Escape from Tarkov 12.4

With Escape from Tarkov patch 12.4 Interchange map got much needed new extraction points and Saferoom is just one of them. Not to make things Battlestate Games made a mystery. To be able to use this extraction stage the game lets you close the doorway . It doesn’t tell you which door needs to be shut. We’ve got the solution to all of the steps and the Saferoom extraction puzzle in order to finish it you need to do.

Where’s the Saferoom extraction stage on Interchange

There is a door near the hole in the floor next to Rasmussen electronics store. Interchange obtained an overhaul and there’s currently a connection between the east and west west garages at the C entrance. Go dowwn the hole and turn left going towards the hole in the wall. Left of this hole is the Saferoom exfil doorway. To open it says you need to close the doorway . This will require a number of steps.

The Way to put in Saferoom and shut the door?

You will have to eliminate Killa and get the key that is new he drops. The key is named Object #11SR keycard and is currently 7 million at the flea market. It has 15 uses. To use it, you are going to have to turn on electricity in the power plant. When you exit the offices is a button that lets you flip the power on in the shopping mall. From there visit Ultra’s floor and visit the Burger Spot. There is a urinal there whether the power is on, that you can flush. A keypad will appear, When you flush it. Use the keycard. This opens the Saferoom doorway. Proceed throughout the Rasmussen gap to the parking lot and hit the Safehouse. As soon as you enter close the door behind extraction and you must commence.

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