Rugby 20 Update 1.4 Patch Notes


Bigben Interactive and Eko Software have released a new upgrade for Rugby 20. We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on February 11th.

The Rugby 20 Update 1.4 can now be downloaded for all platforms. The upgrade includes gameplay problems and a few bugs.


Rugby 20 Patch Notes 1.4


  • Lowered by 70% the influence of the first defender sent into the ruck.
  • Illegal jackaling is punished faster by the referee.
  • Jackling impact on the ruck has been slightly reduced.
  • The AI is now more efficient during the ruck in Pro difficulty by sending players into the ruck faster.
  • Players stamina has a greater influence on the ruck.
  • Animations are more dynamic.


  • The referee is now more tolerant
  • The knock-ons are better handled (ex: some small knock-ons that were imperceptible are not whistled anymore).
  • When an AI-controlled player is offside, he’ll be less prone to play the ball.
  • AI now performs fewer high tackles.
  • “Advantage lost” is no longer displayed when lost less than a second after the advantage was granted.
  • Tap And Go is now available when “Hands in ruck“ is whistled.


    • The difference between the AI of teams is more significant
    • The players catch the ball more efficiently after a kick and on the ground
  • AI uses more diverse and consistent play styles to respond to different situations (positions on the field, current score, current time, etc…) :
  • Playing pick’n’go style to fixate defense.
  • Playing wide towards wings to exploit a favorable player ratio.
  • Kicking far in an empty space or towards touchline to escape pressure.
  • Trying out grubbers/chip kicks towards teammates to gain meters.
  • Set plays near opponent try line to create confusion and breakthrough possibilities.
  • etc…
  • AI teams are assigned one of the three following play styles and adapt their play accordingly:
  • Possession (focused on short passes, pick’n’go and set plays)
  • Occupation (tends to play more with kicks to gain terrain)
  • Balanced (a blend of the two others)


  • When kicking during the open play the default direction is now in the direction of the attack.

Solo mode

  • A mid-season budget bonus has been added to increase your overall budget.
  • The overall score of your squad now has two numbers
  • The first one (displayed on the right of the score) is the global one taking into account the cohesion between your players
  • The second one is the average score of your 23 players.

Bug fixes

  • Control tips are now available in the pause menu.
  • AI jersey is chosen according to user’s jersey so that the colors are as different as possible.
  • A “Surprise me” button has been added to randomly choose bonus cards before a match.
  • You can see your current challenges in the pause menu, do not forget this is a great way to gain more SP and XP!
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