Where to Find Diamonds – Subnautica


Jewels can be found in numerous areas in Subnautica, yet try to discover a spot where they have a higher possibility of generating.

They state precious stones are a young lady’s closest companion, however they’re what everybody needs to discover in Subnautica. Realizing where to discover precious stones in Subnautica is going to mean the distinction between making enormous mechanical progressions and remaining stuck on the watery planet. Regardless of whether you’re in the early game or late game, we have the subtleties on where you can get this valuable carbon-based pearl.

Where to Find Diamonds

Jewels are perhaps the rarest material in Subnautica. This valuable diamond is utilized in various plans which are made utilizing the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, and Vehicle Upgrade Console.

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Precious stones can show up in large veins like this in Subnautica or in small amounts of shale. © Subnautica Fandom Wiki

Before you can start making every one of these things and redesigns, you have to realize where to get them. Most importantly, precious stones are found in shale outcrops. These dim chunks of rock are discovered joined to the outside of the sea and may likewise contain gold and lithium.

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With respect to the territories you may discover jewel, a standout amongst other early-game areas is the Mushroom Forest. This is a generally simple biome to reach as it’s just around the 200 meter profundity. It’s likewise outwardly one of a kind! In saying this, seeing the shale is going as intense as it’s somewhat dim mass.

For those players in the late-round of Subnautica, seeing jewels is going as similarly as significant. Fortunately, the Lost River is one spot where you can discover jewels rather no problem at all. A more profound region like this likewise gets an opportunity to bring forth precious stone veins, which are far simpler to see and are ensured to contain jewels.


Since you realize where to discover jewels in Subnautica, you can return to redesigning your gear. Ensure you’re additionally acquainted with the Cyclops controls so you don’t stall out in a trading off situation without any ways to get out! For progressively accommodating aides, look at the Guide Stash document page for data on all the most recent blockbuster games and outside the box titles.

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