Fortnite Leaked Spy Games Provocation

Here are the new Fortnite challenges that have been spilled by information diggers for the Spy Games LTM.

New difficulties are discharged in Fortnite Battle Royale each Thursday and this season, there are 10 difficulties that are discharged for the Agent Challenges. Players are granted with 40,000 XP for each challenge finished.

It would appear that new difficulties have been included the v12.20 update and they will be for the Spy Games LTM, which was spilled before the update was made accessible, alongside helicopters.

Fortnite Leaked Spy Games Challenges

As recently referenced, the Spy Games LTM (Limited Time Mode) was referenced in the refreshed portrayal for the Fortnite iOS application and here is what was referenced for the new LTM:

The Spy Games – Starting now, jump into the Operation: Dropzone LTM, use the new Tech system to unlock perks to use in the Spy Games, and test out new gadgets.

Here are all of the Spy Games Challenges that have been leaked by data-miners in the v12.20 update:

  • Win a match in Operation matches (1)
  • Deal damage to players in Operation matches (1,000)
  • Eliminate players in Operation matches (10)
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These challenges are very straightforward and should be easy to complete. Completing these challenges will award you with 80,000 XP each, which is double the XP you get from completing the normal challenges. The XP should help you to progress in this seasons Battle Pass quicker so make sure you complete them before they are removed.

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