How to Cure Frostbite – The Long Dark


You took a stroll in The Long Dark and got Frostbite, eh? All things considered, we ought to have a visit about the fix.

Frostbite is one of the most noticeably terrible pains in The Long Dark, sending even fight tried veterans of the game into a free for all when they’re in danger for it. Right now, take you through the awful news about Frostbite, so here’s to trusting you’re perusing this to straighten something up and not need.



Frostbite in The Long Dark can happen when the uncovered skin of your character is presented to outrageous windchill, or in case you’re wearing solidified apparel things. It is essential that players find a way to forestall Frostbite and, on the off chance that they are in danger of getting it, get warm and do so rapidly. Forestalling Frostbite is the main remedy for this tribulation.

One of the most widely recognized occasions to experience the danger of Frostbite is when initially producing into the game. It is here the player is generally helpless, as they will in general have not exactly perfect dress, particularly on trouble levels, for example, Stalker and Interloper. To counter this, consider making the Improvised Hand Wraps and an Improvised Head Wrap. This will take a sum of six Cloth, however it will cover your head and hands until better choices are accessible.

When a player has Frostbite, they will for all time lose 10 percent of their general condition, and they won’t have the option to get it back. It is the main torment in the game that doesn’t have a fix or the like, making it one of the most rebuffing mechanics in The Long Dark. What’s more awful, however, is a player can get it multiple times in a solitary play through, losing up to a limit of 50 percent of their condition.

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